PUMA - Limitless


Director: Jovan Todorovic

Director of Photography: Albert Salas

Editor: Han Zi 

Colorist: Mikey Rossiter @ The Mill
Color Producer: Evan Bauer

Music: Ker Sound
Lyrics: Jovan Todorović
Translation: Ker Sound
Sound Mix & Music Mastering: Nemanja Mosurovic
Sound Design: Tailorsound.com

Online: Volt FX

Stylist: Damian Huang

Art Director: Hsiao-Shu Chang 
Prop Master: Guo Wu Guan 

1st AD: Jo Chan

Steadicam Operator: Lucy Lu

Location & Casting Manager: Demen Wu 

Stink Shanghai

Managing Director: Desmond Loh
Executive Producer: Brenda Tham
Producer: Chye Yee Chow
Line Producer: Jason Fu 
PA: Iris Li

Agency: Y&R Shanghai
Creative Team: Kien Hoe, Ken Wong, Jalen Choo
Agency Account: Jing Jing Zhang, Dawn Wang
Agency producer: Tommy Hua

Original Lyrics

The little streets stroll at a gentle pace
The big ones flow like mighty rivers
When evening falls and details start to fade
Of mirrored things that never were so real
We sink into dreams not to come back
And all is left is a stillness up above
Now you can feel the city is almost lost.
Now you can feel the city is almost lost.
Do not give up on your dreams.
Do not give up on your dreams.